Revolution Music Company

WE BUY Guitars & Vinyl

We are always buying good quality LP's, Guitars, Basses, Amps and More!  Bring them during regular store hours, or give a call if you have questions - 331-642-1892

What do we buy? We tell everyone that we buy what we think we can sell.  Right now, that means rock, jazz, blues, soul and hip hop, along with high-quality classical and audiophile LPs. We try to keep a diverse inventory, so we will consider other genres too, if they are in nice condition. We are mostly focused on LPs at the moment, but we will consider 12-inch singles, as well as 7-inch 45s if the genre and condition is right for us.

What do we avoid buying? Anything damaged or in unusable condition. Most 78 rpm records. Most big band jazz and easy listening. We will look at CDs and cassettes, but we don't have a huge market for those, so we are very selective about our purchases in those formats.

How much do we pay? It varies by piece, but we make competitive offers on items we can use.

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